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Welcome to the Single Cell Biology Group, an information and gathering place for Single Cell Biologist.


To facilitate discussions and diseminating information, we set up an online forum. Membership is moderated, however all postings are visible to the public, including the name of the poster. If you would like to join the Group, please complete our brief membership application. Again, membership is only required to post to the forum.

We created four categories to help keep things organized.

We ask that members respect our posting guidelines.

Postings must be related to Single Cell Biology. Anyone posting on unrelated topics will be warned and subsequent violations will result in removal from the forum. Job postings at all levels are welcome. Vendors may post product announcements but may not use the site and list for general advertisement. I hope you find this group to be lively and informative. -- Junhyong Kim, Professor, University of Pennsylvania

About Us

The Single Cell Biology Group was formed through the joint efforts of NIH, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, and the laboratory of Junhyong Kim. The Group is maintained by Junhyong Kim and Stephen Fisher and supported by the Penn Program in Single Cell Biology. Please contact Stephen if you have any technical problems.


The Single Cell Biology Group was initially created as a Google Group. We retired the Google Group now that we've migrated to a forum. However, the Google Group is still accessible for historic purposes. No further postings will be sent to the Google Group.

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